AAVA Awards

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Mona Boudreaux, DVM, CVA, MMQ
Zirconia, NC

Dr. Boudreaux is energetic, positive and outgoing with regards to holistic veterinary medicine in general and acupuncture/TCVM specifically.  She is a wealth of knowledge and always accessible to guide newbies as well as seasoned TCVM-ers. Her history of teaching and promoting veterinary acupuncture/TCVM is lengthy.  She was president of the AAVA from 2001 – 2002. She has had several roles in the IVAS acupuncture course including TA and course host NM (in the mid-1990s).  She was a leader in Veterinary use of Chinese Herbs, and for years taught a leading US course on TCVM use of herbs.
She is actively involved in the AHVMA (including past president and mentor of the student chapter), which broadly promotes veterinary acupuncture and TCVM in the United States.  She is also an active exhibitor at the AAVA meetings, including the 2018 Santa Fe meeting.  She has the reputation of being the “go to” person when people need something done within the integrative veterinary community.  New Mexico is her old stomping grounds, and it is sweet poetic justice to honor her in her once home state.

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